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At JafariRidge, we’re committed to sound breeding practices. Prior to breeding all of our sires and dams have been accessed for genetic conditions and pass multiple health screenings, to include OFA hips and elbows. Our goal is to breed healthy, robust, intelligent, confident puppies that will make excellent family companions. All puppies are whelped in our home (we are not a Kennel) and are raised with a great deal of care, attention, and affection. We’re committed to giving our pups as many different experiences as possible before they go to their forever homes at 8+ weeks.

We compete in AKC Confirmation and performance events as a family hobby (and passion). If a pup shows promise in any of these areas, we strive to place the pup in a home best suited to their potential, but our ultimate goal and top priority is to place our pups in a safe and loving home where they will be cherished throughout the duration of their lives.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you might have about our 2017 breedings or you may wish to reserve a pup.

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Meet our most recent puppies, born January 3, 2017.

6 boys, 3 girls. These are the puppies between our girl CH Spring Valley Cigar City
"Carmen" and boy GCH CH Tucker Ridge "Dugga" Boy Simba Ridge.

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Shango "aka Black Boy"
Roco "aka Blue Boy"
Hawker "aka Gold Boy"

Kiira "aka Green Girl"
Mako "aka Grey Boy"
Riley "aka Pink Girl"

Jax "aka Purple Boy"
Sassi "aka Red Girl"
Leo "aka White Boy"


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"We had a name picked out for our Ridgeback puppy, which we were hoping to get in June from Jafariridge breeders in Florida. We had a name picked out for the puppy. It was not Sassi. But we were destined to have this pup. She was the runt of the litter of nine pups bred by Manny and Linda of Jafariridge. All the pups went to homes, but Sassi. She had been so small that Manny slept by her side so he could feed her every two hours. Eventually, she was strong enough to feed on her own and would get past her brothers who were the first to eat and would push her away. She showed no fear and did not hang back when pushed about. Manny and his wife Linda fell in love with her and decided to keep her and gave her the name Sassi for her spirit. When we found this out we asked if we could have her, convincing Manny, and we flew on March 17 from Chicago to Key Largo to pick her up. We were entranced by her. So lovely, sweet, but also showing intelligence and strength. She had to drive with us to Fort Lauderdale, fly for two hours (mind you in first class), and then drive an hour into the big city of Chicago arriving at one of the tallest high rises on the river. Over the next few days, she felt the bitter cold of Chicago, learned to climb up and down stairs and walk on a leash confidently along the river path. She met the kind condo staff, charming them and learned to go up and down in the elevator and look at the view from the 31st floor. She slept in her kennel by her new master and never cried once. She was a champion through it all. Definitely good breeding. And definitely a good breeder. She faces each day with no fear, curiosity and with a regal bearing. We are so happy to have her as a new addition to our family. Sassi is now discovering our ranch which is 150 acres of forest and hills. She plays with pine cones and romps around with us outside. It is a fitting home for such a fine Ridgeback. We hope that we will be able to get her another ridgeback for companionship. And it will for certain be from Jafariridge. It is so true that you don’t just pick the breed, but also the breeder. We have to thank Manny and Linda for their support and guidance throughout this process, and for being generous enough to give up their lovely girl Sassi."

-- Linda A. Canada "


"We contacted Linda and Manny at JafariRidge to let them know we would love to add one of their puppies to our family. From the moment we heard back from JafariRidge our experience has been exemplary. We were asked to come and visit the parents of our prospective new family member, so we took a road trip with great anticipation. It was quickly evident that both Dugga and Carmen were outstanding examples of the amazing pedigree that is nurtured at JafariRidge. In late January 2017 we were asked to come back to see the litter of 9 puppies: 3 girls and 6 boys. Our family quickly narrowed it down to 2 boys and after some conversations we were blessed with the prospect of taking home White Boy or as we would call him Leo a couple of weeks later. Leo has been an amazing joy with a loving temperament and beauty. We are reminded of our great fortune every time we take him for a walk, as the entire neighborhood are fawning over him. His health has been excellent – so much so, it appears he grows inches by the day. Linda and Manny have been great breeders guiding us along the way with great care and obvious love for their dogs."

-- Lars; Miami Beach


"Well, it’s been about one month since we took Jax home.  In the past month he has grown from 16.8 lbs to 30 lbs!  Doctor is extremely happy with his growth and his overall health.  Jax spends 3-4 days on the beach running, playing, and laying under the umbrella.  He isn’t too fond of the water, but he goes in without making much of a fuss.  Jax is also the smartest puppy I have ever had.  He picks up commands after only one or two sessions, and he is already incredibly attached to everyone in the family.  We take him everywhere, and we always have to talk to people that come up to us and ask what kind dog he is.  People just can’t believe how handsome he is!.

I just want to thank you again for sitting with us for a couple of hours at your home to discuss the challenges and benefits of owning a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  I also want to thank you for answering our questions even after we brought him home, and I’m sure we will be in touch with you as Jax gets older.  Jax has already proven that the benefits of having him as part of the family are too many to count, and the challenges are actually fun to work on.

Thank you both for letting our family take home one of your precious pups, and I look forward to seeing you in the future!"

Paul and Christine; Melbourne Beach, FL.



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